Hi, I’m Josh. I help people make positive changes in their lives.

  • rewrite unhealthy habits
  • transform old patterns
  • improve relationships
  • increase financial success
  • release family trauma & drama
  • eliminate phobias

How I can help you.

The first step to becoming a client is to have a free consultation call (about 45 minutes). We’ll talk about what’s going on for you, answer any questions you have, and discern if it would be a good fit to work together. Get started now by clicking the booking button:

I help people change their experiences of themselves and their lives. You can change your experience in any part of life: health, career, finances, love and relationships, spirituality, personal growth, family, community, and more. In short, if you are having an experience you don’t like and want to have less of, or not having enough of an experience you would like to have more of, I can probably help.

That said, here are some areas of focus that I love to help people with:


Do you care about people and the planet, but sometimes feel down wondering what difference you can make as just one individual? Allow me to help you be the change you most want to see in the world.


Gay, queer, & trans men often face unique challenges. Sessions can help you improve self-acceptance, boost self-confidence, eliminate sexual shame, disconnect from family pain & drama, create relationships that last, and find more connection, support and community.


Most approaches to weight fail because they require willpower, which doesn’t work. The work we do together helps you change from the inside out. And since you don’t have to try to remember to be different there’s no willpower needed.


Relationships & sex are some of the most important experiences we have, and many of us did not grow up with very good models for them. Over a course of sessions, we revise your internalized models so that you can have the experience of relationship or sex that you want.


Leverage the mind-body connection to help heal from chronic illness, install automatic healthy habits, and experience vibrant health and vitality. Resolving issues at the unconscious level often opens the way to recovery, especially when nothing else has worked.


I offer custom workshops and trainings designed for your business or organization, coaching for individuals and teams. Release hidden blocks holding your team back. Improve group culture, dynamics, & relationships. Enhance specific competencies in key areas.

So what changes would you like to make next?
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Headshot of testimonial author BruceMy NLP work with Josh has allowed me to make meaningful changes in my life. I had been able to see patterns in my behavior and knew the improvements I wanted to make, but found it difficult to incorporate change in certain areas. Josh taught me new tools and a different way of approaching personal development and growth. By working with Josh, I’ve been able to develop a different way of looking at my behavior and beliefs, and have experienced real transformation.

NLP testimonial author Dom VI’ve spent 25 years being scared of heights after I nearly fell from the top of a theatre. Cliff edges, rooftops, high buildings and this road bridge in San Francisco all used to make me hyper ventilate, panic and want the experience to be over as quickly as possible.The NLP session with Josh was easy and afterwards we went back to this bridge. The results were amazing. I ambled across the bridge, stopped to the look at the traffic and take pictures. I still can’t get my head around it, but it’s awesome and I’m supremely grateful for the help in sorting out a 25 year old fear.

My sessions with Josh have been exceptionally powerful. I have tried many forms of work, and nothing parallels it. I’m sure all the previous work prepared me for it, but the NLP work with Josh is truly the most transformational I have ever experienced.I have spent almost my entire life wanting to die, on and off. Since age 26 I have actively pursued anything and everything to stave this off, with significant success around 28, family constellations and dance helped the most. But my first session was a pivotal shift. I woke up the morning after and, for the first time, that deep seated familiar death grip, of being half way on the other side, wasn’t there. I actually said to myself: I deserve to have some fun today. I actually deserve this. Without intense punishment as repercussion. I deserve to have a life. A life of my own, a life of joy.

As I’ve worked with Josh, I finally wrote the proposals I had not been able to write in months. Now I’m feeling a deeper shift of substantiated self value.

I love the way Josh works. It is so precise and caring. And light, and effective! Josh, thank you for all your super amazing focus an attention to detail, the time you have offered and wisdom and insight. I’m so grateful.

– J.D., Artist, Paris

By the time I started to work with Josh, my sex life had become a complicated, stressful source of unhappiness. Despite my intentions, I kept compounding my problems and unhappiness. After our sessions I now have a much better experience of sex and relationships that’s just been amazing. Thank you!

– Joseph C., Accountant, San Francisco

Since working with Josh, I’ve noticed that this pattern with my sweetie has *totally shifted*. Before, when he would change our plans to take care of a friend in crisis, and I’d feel resentful and hurt and angry. Now instead I feel like I can trust him to do what he thinks is right, and know that he’ll come back and be with me when he has time to really show up for me. Like magic, it went from suffering, abandonment, and fear to acceptance and even pride in him doing the right thing for the people who need him. This is an old wound for me around feeling abandoned, and Josh’s work has made the shift feel natural and easy!

– Sam Z., Chiropractor, San Francisco



At its base, NLP is the study of the structure of human experience. NLP is also a toolkit for changing these structures and thereby changing experience.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A simple way to think about it is like installing software updates for your brain. Most of the important “programs” our brains run get set by the age of 3. NLP is a way to update and revise those old patterns so that new choices and experiences become available. NLP works by changing unconscious patterning. If our patterns were conscious, we would just change them on our own. Changing the unconscious is what it takes to create lasting, real change.

NLP can take various forms. In one-on-one sessions we sit and have a conversation about the changes you would like to make. Over the course of the conversation we uncover the specific patterning your brain has been using to generate your old experience. Then we revise that patterning, teaching your brain to generate the new experience you want.

The Marin-style NLP practiced at NLP San Francisco is a particular lineage of NLP as passed down through psychologist Dr. Jonathan Rice and NLP Marin co-founder Carl Bucheit. Its influences range from developmental psychology to Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation work (also known as systemic constellation work).

Family Constellation work gives us access to reveal and revise the patterning inherited from family dynamics and ancestry. Everyone inherits this kind of patterning, and so Constellation work is tightly integrated into Marin-style NLP. Usually our family patterning supports us well but sometimes it prevents us from having the kinds of experiences we want in life. Nearly every kind of “big” issue, from chronic illness to financial trouble to repeating relationship issues involve this kind of patterning and benefit from constellation work.

Marin-style NLP’s particular approach to NLP is characterized by working from principles rather than techniques and a way of deeply respecting the client’s experience that dramatically eases the process of creating change.


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When you give a plant the right conditions—soil, light, water, nutrients—in the right amounts, they thrive and flower. Humans are like that, too. I started NLP work because I love helping people change and grow.

Headshot of Josh Alexander, NLP Practitioner and Family Constellations Facilitator

Josh Alexander

Master NLP Practitioner
Family Constellations Facilitator

Josh was trained at NLP Marin.

I started doing helping work in 2005 as a bodyworker offering massage therapy and emotional freedom techniques. In 2013 I started my NLP training at NLP Marin because I wanted to be more effective at helping people make changes in their lives.

I went into helping work because I wanted to contribute to the kind of world I most wanted to live in. Author Charles Eisenstein calls it “The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” Today I know that world is not only possible, it’s here, now, and available if you choose it.

To me a more beautiful world is one in which people are free to reach for the experiences they most want in life. This means being able to move toward what you want without being held back by the past, the families and experiences you’ve come from. And yet it also means being more free to also draw strength from the past, to be more firmly grounded in your roots even as you reach for the stars.

What happens when you imagine a life where you are more able to reach for your dreams? What would it mean to not settle for the way it’s always been, or what you were taught you could deserve or hope for?

That is the kind of life I seek to live and support others in living. It is my deep honor to share this transformational work with you.

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